20 for 12 Challenge

Say Yes! To the 20 for 12 Challenge

Now we have an easy way to support life (and share the love of Jesus!) with a $20 donation every month, 12 months a year.

Monthly giving makes a BIG difference!

Your monthly contribution provides the resources we need to support the women, men and babies who need us most! Being able to count on you means we can spend less time on fundraising and more time saving and changing lives.

What can we do with $20?

A lot! That monthly commitment helps us provide pregnancy tests, counseling, ultrasounds, housing and so much more to women and men facing an unplanned pregnancy.

It’s so easy.

Set up your monthly gift online and the funds will automatically be delivered to Care Net each month from either a checking/savings account or a credit card. And you can cancel at any time.

Spread the Love—Share the Challenge!

Have family and friends who might like to help you make a difference? Invite them to take the 20 for 12 challenge too!

Did you know?

A baby’s entire DNA is determined at conception. This means his or her eye color, hair color, height, skin tone and even the details of his or her fingerprints are established from the moment the egg and sperm unite.

The placenta and umbilical cord separate the mother from the baby. The placenta and umbilical cord exist because the baby has a different and entirely separate circulatory system from the mother and their blood must not intermingle. “If something happens, such as a traumatic injury, that causes their blood to mix, it can cause serious complications.”

Abortion is legal up to 20 weeks in Wisconsin. A 20-week preborn baby is about 10 inches long and has three-inch arms and legs. He or she has unique waking and sleeping patterns and even has a favorite position to sleep in.

Abortion rates are rising. In Wisconsin, abortion rates rose by 3.7% according to the most recent reporting. (10% in Dane County) 5,818 babies lost their lives to abortion in 2017 in the state of Wisconsin.