Carrie had no job and a tiny infant to care for.  She was fleeing an abusive relationship and she needed help right away. Her social worker referred her to Care Net’s maternity home, The Elizabeth House (TEH) 

As soon as she walked into TEH, Carrie went from feeling alone to having a sense of family and belonging.  “It was safe, peaceful, and welcoming. I had people around me to talk to and who would support me.  I felt a sense of community.”  

Morning devotions were one of her fondest memories.  “We could talk and share and pray for one another. It was a very sweet time,” said Carrie.  

Being a first-time mom, Carrie particularly appreciated the parenting classes offered at TEH. She learned new ideas and especially valued having experienced parents to talk to and learn from.   

Building essential resources, including financial ones, is a key part of living at TEH. Thanks to help from a financial consultant, Carrie learned how to budget and how to spend money wisely, as well as strategies for saving.   

“I definitely manage my money very well now,” Carrie reported.  “I have paid off debt and was able to buy a car and move into my own apartment. I am fully financially stable.”  

Carrie has pursued an education and recently earned certifications that will allow her to start a career working from home while her daughter is young.    

“Getting open and sharing your life with people who support you is the best thing you can do. I never regretted ending the abusive relationship and having my daughter because when I wasn’t able to provide for her, I had people to support me – and now I am able.” 

Thank you for giving Carrie the opportunity to learn new skills and grow emotionally and spiritually while building the resources and support network she needed to thrive and be there for her child. Two lives are forever changed because you cared.