A Valentine for Alessandra

Sometimes a Valentine looks like a meal and a rent check. Your love made a difference for Alessandra* and her son. Because of you, Alessandra has a warm and safe home this Valentine’s Day. Alessandra is pregnant and married to an abusive man who is now in jail. She had an eviction notice in her … Continued

You Turned Lost into Found

Now Rose* Can Do Anything, Because of You A courageous and beautiful Rose, a 2017 graduate of The Elizabeth House, shared her story of hope and redemption at Care Net’s Annual Fundraising Banquet. “I once was lost. I didn’t know who I was or what my purpose was. I made some horrible decisions and was going … Continued

An STD Test and a Prayer

Megan* tried to hold back her tears while talking with our nurse, Billie Jo. She was sure she had an STD. She was very nervous and disappointed in herself. And she was concerned about disappointing other people in her life. “I just don’t have anyone I can talk to about this,” she said, and burst … Continued

“I Love That You Pray For Me”

“Could we pray for you?” a nurse asked Jessica*. “Yeah, I love that you always pray for me here,” Jessica replied. As far as we know, Jessica is not a Christian. But she does trust us and appreciate our prayers. Today Jessica was having an ultrasound. But a few weeks earlier, she was here for a pregnancy test. And if the test was positive, … Continued

The Almost Abortion

“I have to tell you. I almost had an abortion with this pregnancy,” Taylor* confided to our nurse manager during her ultrasound. Taylor was a patient in our clinic a couple years ago. She was considering abortion that time – but made a decision to carry to term. Now she has a beautiful two year … Continued

Meet Aiden

Aiden is a nine year old boy who loves to play football, basketball and baseball and enjoys nature, hunting and farming. He plays the piano and has a bunny, named Fluffy, that he loves. He has an old soul, loves to talk and is quite social. He brings joy to his parents and siblings and … Continued

You Gave Breana a Home

And now she’s giving back. A home is so much more than a roof and four walls. It’s a place where most of us find love and support, acceptance, and a sense of belonging. But sadly, some of the women we serve have never experienced that kind of home. Breana was one of those young … Continued

You Gave Shelby a New Life

Shelby has made lasting changes for herself and “the love of her life” Do you remember Shelby*? When we first met her in 2014, she had just hit rock bottom. Shelby had struggled with addiction for years. And then she found out she was pregnant. “I knew I had to turn my life around,” Shelby … Continued