“Everyone deserves this”  

Why The Elizabeth House Matters  Tia* knows firsthand the amazing power of transformation a supportive environment like our maternity home, The Elizabeth House, can have on a family. She knows because she experienced it.   “I was 18, sleeping on my grandmother’s ‘80’s couch, working closing shift and taking the last bus home in the cold … Continued

You are the hands and feet of Christ!

Vivian* told us: Five years ago, I found out I was pregnant. I thought about abortion because I was scared and alone. I didn’t know how I’d manage—how was I even going to put food on the table? My godmother told me about The Elizabeth House. I was afraid, but I did fill out the … Continued

Because of you, they found a family

I want to share a recent experience with you.  One of the moms who’s called The Elizabeth House (T.E.H.) her home for the past 8 months was ready to move into her next home.  It was bittersweet to say goodbye to her. She was heading out of state, where we wouldn’t be able to see … Continued


Lydia* came to our clinic for a pregnancy test and ultrasound. She’d lived abroad for a number of years and had just returned to the States because of boyfriend troubles. Lydia was currently living with her sister. Shortly after Lydia settled into her new home, she confided in her sister that she feared she was … Continued

Carrie CAN thanks to you

Carrie had no job and a tiny infant to care for.  She was fleeing an abusive relationship and she needed help right away. Her social worker referred her to Care Net’s maternity home, The Elizabeth House (TEH).   As soon as she walked into TEH, Carrie went from feeling alone to having a sense of family and … Continued

Celebrating one month of “doing life” at The Elizabeth House

Guest author, Katherine Higgins, shares her experience of working at The Elizabeth House.  Last month I started working at The Elizabeth House. After learning the program and getting used to the rhythm of the place, two aspects immediately stick out to me. First, The Elizabeth House is a home, shared by roommates who live in … Continued

Celebrating New Life in the midst of a Pandemic

Have you ever tried to keep a shameful or embarrassing secret? If so, then you know the feelings of anxiety and fear that cover you like a leaded blanket, weighing you down and permeating every thought. Imagine that your secret is a pregnancy. Then imagine the people you live with are the very ones you … Continued

How you’re helping

There is so much pain and suffering in our world and in our community. The past couple of weeks, calls to our clinic and maternity home have greatly increased. The pandemic continues to take its toll, as more people fall victim to its destruction. And I’m not talking about the ones who test positive. It’s … Continued

You Helped Jamie “Breathe Again”

Imagine starting a new job and at the required physical learning you might be pregnant. That’s what happened to Jamie*. A baby didn’t mix well with being twenty-one years old, still in college and in the middle of a rocky relationship. So abortion seemed like the obvious choice. Jamie made an appointment at the abortion clinic where … Continued

On the Right Path

How You Changed Jade’s Life Jade* was worried and incredibly nervous. Her family relationships were difficult and she wasn’t sure how much longer she’d have a place to live. And now Jade was pregnant. How would she share her news? How would she cope? “It was not the best time for me,” she said. When … Continued