Client Story

You gave Holly a Safe Place to live at The Elizabeth House

When the pregnancy test turned positive Holly’s world turned upside down. Like many people, she had battled with severe depression for a long time. The stress and emotional upheaval associated with an unexpected pregnancy was like pouring acid on an open wound. Well-meaning friends and family were concerned; they felt adoption was Holly’s best and only choice.

But Holly’s heart was telling her she wanted to parent. Still, she knew there would be risks. What if the postpartum depression became so great that she was unable to care for her baby?

Then someone told her about The Elizabeth House.There she would be surrounded by caring, loving support. If she became truly depressed in a way that prevented her from physically taking care of her child, living at The Elizabeth House would provide a safe place for her and her baby. Finally, Holly felt there was hope.

But taking a step forward and moving into an unknown environment was scary, especially when dealing with depression and anxiety. “I was terrified and really not prepared to be a parent at all,” Holly remembered.

But preparing women to become the best moms they can be is what we do best. Holly started to bond with the other pregnant women. She began to take parenting classes at The Elizabeth House. And when she welcomed her baby boy, Zack, into the world we watched as she blossomed into a loving and capable mother.

Holly said, “The Elizabeth House helped me grow as a person, with the people around me and the opportunities that it gave me. The girls that I lived with definitely helped me grow...watching them with their kids and knowing that there is always someone who’s going through something similar. It made me feel that I’m not alone.”

Thanks to you, Holly had a safe place where she could develop the skills and confidence to become the tender, attentive mom she is today. As she told us, “When I graduated, I knew that was the perfect place for me.”

*Names changed to protect privacy.