Client Story

A Message From Abby*:

"When I found out I was pregnant I was overwhelmed. I really didn’t think I could go through with the pregnancy. Everyone in my life was telling me that I should end it. My boyfriend was so convinced an abortion would solve our problem that he gave me the money to pay for one. As I searched online for information, I found Care Net and the First Care Clinic.

"The nurse answered all my medical questions. She told me that abortion was not my only option. She talked to me about what I was feeling. She listened without judgement when I told her that I thought it was too hard - and I couldn’t do this on my own.

"And then she told me I didn’t have to do it alone. She let me know that if I chose to carry to term there were resources, people, and programs that could help me. And I started to have hope.

"I began to think maybe I could do this. I began to believe that I could care for this child. And suddenly I knew that despite what everyone else might say or think - this child was wanted. I wanted this child.

"Because of my visit to the Care Net that day, I didn’t use that money to have an abortion. Instead, I stocked my closet full of diapers and baby clothes."

Carlee is alive today, thanks to you.

*Names changed to protect privacy.