If you’re like me, you find this season to be full of hope: God has sent His Son to be our Savior! 

But for single women facing an unexpected pregnancy, this season often brings not hope but fear. And that’s especially true for those who are not only pregnant but homeless. Can you imagine not having a place to live as the days grow colder and darker?

Raina was one of those women.  

Although I’ve changed her name, Raina’s situation was all too real. When we first met Raina, she was pregnant and sleeping in her car because there were few housing options she could afford, and she had no credit to qualify amidst a large pool of applicants. The oppressive summer heat had caused Raina to become dehydrated to the point of hospitalization on more than one occasion. She was working full-time and showering at a local gym.   

Without help, Raina’s unborn child would come home from the hospital to a car instead of a home. Imagine her fear. And then imagine her sense of hope when she first heard about Care Net and The Elizabeth House, our maternity home (and the only one of its kind in Dane County).

By the grace of God, I have never faced the possibility of being homeless. And God has placed me in a situation where I can help.  But this past year, our maternity home has experienced a 30% increase in the number of women inquiring about housing.  We’re working as hard as we can to help each one of them.  But we need your help.

I could tell you that your financial gift will provide food and a bed and protection from the elements for those who come to live with us at The Elizabeth House. And that is true – our maternity home provides all those things, free of charge.  But that’s only the beginning!  Your donation also creates a community for these women. It helps them feel supported and cared for as they prepare for the birth of their child and learn to become good moms. It extends the love of Christ in a way that every woman who walks through the door can feel.

Your donation will also help the women who don’t need a place to live but do need help to thrive, as we believe every human being was created to do. In addition to providing the first steps needed for pregnancy care and getting access to insurance and prenatal care, we offer parenting classes, baby supplies and limited financial assistance through our benevolence fund.

We are committed to helping these women reach their God-given potential and become the women and moms that God created them to be.

Will you make a gift today to help women like Raina who feel desperate and hopeless? We know God didn’t create her to feel that way. And with your help, we can reach more women like Raina in South Central Wisconsin with support and resources. If you help us before December 31, your gift will be matched* thanks to a generous donor.

Please join us as we work to give Raina and women like her the hope they need this holiday season.

*up to 15,000