Your gift helps women like Darlene make a choice for life by providing life affirming resources.

Your gift shines a light in the darkness.

Life and death decisions should never be made in the cloak of shame and secrecy. Women like Darlene feel alone and afraid. But today you can shine a light on her dark despair.

When you give to Care Net, you make sure that women like Darlene always have a place to come for life affirming resources. Whether it’s a pregnancy test, ultrasound, options consultation, or a room in our maternity home - your gift says these resources will always be here.

Now, thanks to a special commitment from friends dedicated to saving and changing lives, your gift will be doubled!* Gifts received by June 1 will be matched - dollar for dollar. This means your gift has the potential to save twice as many babies!

Your financial support helps women and men facing pregnancy decisions. You provide help, hope, and healing to broken women and men who come to us believing abortion is their only option.
Please give your best gift so that we can provide life-affirming resources to those who feel they have no hope.Your tax-deductible gift can be a voice for life in the darkness. And now your gift will be doubled if you give before June 1. Give now

“Although your people live in darkness, they will see a bright light. Although they live in the shadow of death, a light will shine on them.” Mathew 4:16 CEV

*Up to $10,000
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