Why Go Mobile?

Care Net has been serving Madison for nearly 35 years. Last year we provided 1,000 appointments for services such as pregnancy testing, ultrasound, STI testing and pregnancy, childbirth and parenting education. Twenty-two moms and babies called our residential maternity program “home” in 2017. Here, they received support to become emotionally healthy and self-sufficient, building life skills necessary to live independently and be the best moms possible.

But we can do more.

Jesus said, "Go into all the world, and proclaim the Good News to the whole creation.” Mark 16:15

Abortion in Dane County claims the lives of two babies each day. In the state of Wisconsin, about 15 lives are ended every day because of abortion.

It’s time to reach women outside the walls of our clinic.

What we hope to accomplish

Not every woman has access to our services. Lack of transportation, time constraints, and a location far from an individual woman will mean that we won’t reach many women in the small window of opportunity in which they make their pregnancy decisions. How can we remove the barriers that keep a woman from accessing our clinic?

Bring the clinic to them.

Our goal is to provide 1,000 more appointments in our mobile clinic over the next two years.

A mobile clinic will bring free services to women in their own neighborhoods. We’ll provide pregnancy testing, ultrasound and STI testing on our mobile clinic. Advocates will help women access ongoing services and resources near to them according to their individual situations. Most importantly, we can share the hope and love found in Jesus Christ to every man, woman and child who enters our mobile clinic.

Going Mobile

You can help us go:

  • Rural locations
  • Communities with limited public transportation
  • Closer to university and college campuses
  • Areas with high abortion rates
  • Special community events

  • Meeting the need

    We have placed an order to custom build a 40 foot, state-of-the-art Mobile Medical Clinic. This customized three room unit will allow us to see multiple women at the same time so we can provide pregnancy testing, ultrasound, STI testing & treatment as well as educational resources. This high quality freightliner is built from the chassis up as a medical grade clinic. The spacious, luxury unit will provide an inviting environment for women to obtain medical services while communicating worth and dignity to each and every person who walks through the door. God willing, our mobile clinic on wheels will be traveling to areas where people need us most by fall of 2019!

    Much of south central Wisconsin lacks the resources that Care Net provides to east Madison.

    With your help, we’ll be able to reach women in early pregnancy with support, care and life-affirming options.

    Scope of Problem

    Over 5,400 innocent lives are lost to abortion in the state of Wisconsin every year
    Over 5,400 Wisconsin women had an abortion in 2016. And in Dane County alone, about 15 lives were lost to abortion every week. Read more about who is having abortions.
    Wisconsin ranks highest in the nation for infant mortality among African Americans

    Infant mortality is a serious problem for Wisconsin. It has become an area of high priority focus for Dane County. Wisconsin also ranks the highest in disparity between white and black infant mortality.

    Some of the reasons of this disparity include: Lack of access to early prenatal care, higher preterm and low birth weights, higher rates of smoking during pregnancy and lack of information on safe sleep practices.

    First Care Clinic Mobile will work to address these issues through early pregnancy identification and referral for health care, prenatal vitamins, pregnancy education, breastfeeding education and safe sleep classes.

    Sexually transmitted infections are rising at epidemic proportions

    There are 20 million new sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) every year, according to the CDC, and half of these are among young people ages 15-24.

    In Dane County, there are 586 cases of the most prevalent STDs per 100,000 people - one of the highest rates in Wisconsin. Our LifeWise program to reach middle and high school students with facts about the risks of STDs/STIs and unintended pregnancy makes a difference. Read about how students and teachers respond to LifeWise.

    There is a disparity in the rate of infection in communities that lack access to healthcare or have a distrust of the medical community as a whole. Our clinic and staff can help build trust in areas where access to clinics is limited or where fear keeps women from seeking care.

    Each woman who enters our mobile clinic for STI testing and treatment hears the truth about how her choices today may affect her future. Sex outside of marriage isn't "safe." STI testing allows us to provide a different message than women hear in the world.

    Life-affirming resources are not readily available in all communities

    Resources offered by centers like Care Net do not exist in most communities. In every neighborhood we enter, our goal is to establish relationships with local churches and agencies who are willing to offer ongoing support and resources to the women we see in our mobile clinic.

    Care Net personnel will connect women and families with local agencies and services to be sure that each woman and family has access to the resources and support she needs throughout her pregnancy and beyond.


    Get Involved

    You will have a positive impact on the community and surrounding areas:

  • Save more lives by reaching more women at risk for abortion
  • Provide accurate information and real choices for women and men making pregnancy decisions
  • Improve early access to prenatal care, vitamins, and nutrition education to at-risk populations
  • Impact infant mortality by providing breastfeeding support, safe sleep, smoking cessation and nutrition education
  • Identify pregnant women who are homeless or housing insecure who might be candidates for The Elizabeth House residential program
  • Improve access to STI testing & treatment for women
  • Decrease number of unintended pregnancies and STIs through our education efforts
  • Create partnerships with churches and organizations near our mobile clinic destinations that will help us form a network of support everywhere we go
  • Reach more men and women for Christ

  • How you can help

    We need your help to bring help, hope, and real choices to each woman at risk for abortion when she is making a life and death decision for her preborn baby.

    Cost of Going Mobile

    We need you to bring help, hope, and real choices to each woman at risk for abortion when she is making a life and death decision for her preborn baby. We are looking for friends to make a special gift so that together we can reach women at risk for abortion where they are – in their neighborhoods.

    To launch our Mobile Mission we hope to secure $337,000 for this project. These funds will cover the purchase of the mobile clinic, and outfit it with an ultrasound and the medical supplies needed to get the unit fully operational. We will also need additional funds in order to cover the operation and staff costs entailed with running the clinic.

    Please help make this mobile clinic a reality. Will you prayerfully consider making a special gift to help us reach women outside of our clinic? This is a unique opportunity to take a stand for life. Help us “Go into all the world” and share God’s love and hope with women and men facing unintended pregnancies. Your gift will help us meet our goal of reaching 1,000 more women with Life-Affirming options over the next two years. Any funds raised over the purchase price of the vehicle will be used to fund ongoing operations of the mobile clinic.

    Help us close the gap by making a gift today. Is God calling you to give to this important mission? Contact Sara via email or at 608-259-1606 ext. 223 to discuss how you can make a gift. Or give today at the link below. Every gift brings us that much closer to reaching women at risk for abortion in their own neighborhoods.

    Help us Go Mobile!

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    "Help us reach more, help more, and save more lives with our mobile outreach clinic.”

    Liz Osborn, CEO Care Net
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