Let’s end the rhetoric and start working on solutions.

Are you as tired of the rhetoric as I am?

Choice equals freedom. Abortion is healthcare. My body, my choice. Reproductive rights are women’s rights.

It’s everywhere. My mailbox, television, computer, radio. It makes me angry. Angry because it misses the point entirely and doesn’t address the real problem.

No woman puts “abortion” on her bucket list of experiences to try. No woman wants to be in a position where she has to decide whether to end a pregnancy. To many women, an unexpected pregnancy is like a serious health diagnosis coming at them when they least expect it.

The typical woman facing an unexpected pregnancy is confused, frightened. Her life is about to change, and she isn’t prepared for that. And sure – she’s looking for a “cure,” a quick fix. Wouldn’t any of us?

Many of the women considering abortion are like Avery. She has a low-paying job. She relies on the bus system to get to work and the places she needs to go. And the morning after her pregnancy test, she’s standing at the bus stop, and it’s snowing again. She wonders what would it be like standing here in the cold with a tiny baby? She is sure the father of the baby won’t support her. After all, it’s already a rocky relationship. Her family is always criticizing her, and she doesn’t know the meaning of the phrase “supportive family.”

Those are the things she’s thinking about when she Googles “abortion”.

Avery doesn’t really know what an abortion entails. She thinks it will make her problem go away, and she thinks the sooner she does it, the better. She may believe the “baby” is not yet alive. How could it be if everyone says it’s a woman’s choice?

My prayer and deepest hope are that every Avery finds her way to a life-affirming clinic and resource center like Care Net.

Because I believe that if Avery can see her baby on ultrasound, can hear about resources that are available to help her get ready to be a parent and can know that there is a place where she can live, free of charge, while she builds the resources she needs to care for her preborn baby, then she will walk away from the lure of abortion as a “quick fix.”

I want to be a part of creating a community that takes the time and effort to really solve the problem. I want other people to join me in seeing that true empowerment is not sending a woman to get an abortion. True empowerment is allowing her take responsibility by supporting her and helping her build a resource base so that she and her little one can thrive.

I’m so grateful that you’re one of the courageous people willing to do the hard thing. To love Avery, invest in Avery, teach Avery, show Avery how Christ sees her. And, yes, perhaps even shelter and feed Avery until she’s ready to stand on her own. Until she’s ready to thrive and has supportive people around her to continue walking with her as a new mother.

That’s not a quick fix. But it’s the right fix.

Please join me in making a gift – whatever you can – to help provide a long-term solution to Avery’s “problem.” Together, we CAN break through the rhetoric. We CAN provide hope for a future. We CAN transform Avery’s family for generations to come, just by being there for the long haul.

And right now, every gift is DOUBLED* which means that you’ll have TWICE the impact!

*up to $20,000