From My Heart: Vision for 2018

by Liz Osborn —  As followers of Jesus Christ, we all hold the conviction of serving and caring for the poor and needy, especially those facing great life challenges. For the last 32 years, Care Net has worked to bring compassion, help and hope to anyone facing a pregnancy decision. We’ve offered free, evidence-based medical … Continued

You Gave Breana a Home

And now she’s giving back. A home is so much more than a roof and four walls. It’s a place where most of us find love and support, acceptance, and a sense of belonging. But sadly, some of the women we serve have never experienced that kind of home. Breana was one of those young … Continued

From My Heart

by Liz Osborn — At Care Net we focus on saving and changing lives. We desire to see all babies given the opportunity to live life – an abundant life for now and for eternity. We long to see women and men make choices that are life-giving for their children and for themselves. And we … Continued

You Gave Shelby a New Life

Shelby has made lasting changes for herself and “the love of her life” Do you remember Shelby*? When we first met her in 2014, she had just hit rock bottom. Shelby had struggled with addiction for years. And then she found out she was pregnant. “I knew I had to turn my life around,” Shelby … Continued

What About Those Baby Bottles?

You’ve probably seen Care Net’s baby bottles at your church. And likely you’ve picked one up and put cash in it. Hopefully you’ve brought it back to church. Or possibly it’s still sitting on your dresser. We are grateful for the thousands of people in this community who join together from 70+ area churches each … Continued