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Danielle* is like many of the women who visit our clinic. She found us online while searching for information about abortion. The world’s definition of abortion was familiar to her. Phrases like:

  • “It’s not a living baby, but a clump of cells,”
  • "A common medical procedure that many women undergo,”
  • “A private matter between a woman and her doctor.”

  • Danielle told us, “I’m planning to get an abortion but need to take care of it before it starts to develop.”

    No one had ever told Danielle that her baby’s heart was already beating and had been since just 22 days after conception. Danielle had never heard the truth that abortion stops a beating heart and ends a life of a baby with unique DNA. A separate little person with their own eye color, hair color, and fingerprints. Different and distinct from Danielle. The truth is - this "clump of cells" is a very tiny baby that is growing and getting bigger every day inside the safety of Danielle’s womb.

    But today you can play a vital part in helping Danielle and other women learn the truth. You can stand with our nurses and advocates as they educate Danielle with compassion and understanding and without judgment. You can provide an ultrasound that will show Danielle what a “clump of cells” looks like. You can offer a listening ear and be a calming voice that offers help and hope.

    You can help Danielle SEE the truth


    When Danielle sees her baby’s heart on an ultrasound screen, she will see a heart that is beating…working hard to push blood through a tiny body. Danielle could come to know truth: that an abortion stops a beating heart.

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    Jesus said, “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” - John 8:32

    *name changed for privacy
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