It’s true: Abortions are being performed in Wisconsin once again.

I don’t know where you stand on that topic. But I do know that not every woman who finds themselves in an unintended pregnancy wants an abortion.

Who is helping those women? Who is providing them with the resources and help they need to thrive? That’s where you and I come in.
Thanks to individuals like you, Care Net Pregnancy Center has been helping women for nearly 40 years. We’ve got a solid foundation of support — but it’s one we must expand in order to keep
being there for women like Allie.*

Allie is in her second semester at college and she’s got big plans, including dreams of a career in marketing. Adjusting to college life has been hard enough. How will she handle being pregnant? But in her heart, Allie wants to have this baby.

Ever since she visited our clinic and saw her child on the ultrasound, she can’t stop thinking about that precious baby – her baby. “I feel so alone,” she tells the nurse, “I don’t know if I can do this on my own.”
You and I can make sure Allie isn’t alone — and that she is surrounded by a community of support who will celebrate her right to choose life. You can come alongside her with resources like parenting classes, baby items, diapers, and help finding a job.

You can even give her a place to live for free while she builds a bright future for her and her baby in our maternity home — The Elizabeth House, the ONLY one of its kind in Dane County.

Do you believe, like me, that women who choose to continue their pregnancy deserve our help? If the answer is yes, then I hope you’ll keep reading.

We can help Allie build the resources she needs to thrive. She doesn’t have to do this alone. Even though the media would like us to believe that abortion and choice are synonymous, many
women like Allie feel they have no choice when it comes to abortion. They don’t know there is help for them if they choose to have a baby. And that isn’t justice.

Our vision is ample resources, sufficient housing opportunities, and an abundance of emotional and spiritual support if a woman chooses to continue her pregnancy. But we need the help of people like you to do it.

Would you make your best gift today so that resources like our maternity home, The Elizabeth House, can continue to help women and their babies fulfill their full potential
and thrive?

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*up to 15,000