Reverend Bishop Hying of the Diocese of Madison is currently leading a Diocesan initiative to partner with women facing challenges related to pregnancy and parenting.  A key goal of the initiative: finding and closing service gaps.  

This past summer Care Net had the chance to sit down with a member of a local Knights of Columbus Council, Craig Uselman, to chat about the gaps we were experiencing in Care Net’s maternity home, The Elizabeth House.  As we talked, I could see Craig was getting very excited about the possibilities.  One specific issue creating barriers especially touched his heart: how a lack of transportation makes it hard for young moms to get to work, childcare and healthcare appointments.   

“If you had a van, would you be able to take moms to better jobs? Would it open up more opportunities for these women to be successful in the program?” he asked.  

Our answer was a resounding “YES.”  

Soon, we came up with a plan to solve the problem.  Craig would start spreading the word about our need, and his council would lead the way in making the first gift to purchase a van. Bishop Hying personally recorded a special message to share this project and soon more councils and individuals were jumping in to help. We were also able to capture matching grant funds from the Aid and Support After Pregnancy grant program.  

And finally…. “Baby Sienna” was purchased and delivered! 

Karen Neff, maternity home program director, said of the van, “I’m so grateful for a committed group of people who saw a problem and came forward to solve it. A vehicle will allow us to provide an additional level of support and access which these women didn’t have before.  Thanks to their generous work and determination, one more barrier has been removed.” 

One of our residents, Evelyn, made a more practical assessment of the new vehicle, “It’s sooo nice inside! And when I am carrying the baby seat and diaper bag, I only have to wave my foot and the door opens!” 

Thank you for seeing a gap, working together to find a solution and (literally!) opening doors with your generosity! We’re making a huge difference, together. 

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