How can you best help someone who is unexpectedly pregnant and doesn’t know what to do? Helping starts before the pregnancy test turns positive by creating a safe relationship where friends and family members can be open and honest without fear of judgment.

When those around you know that you care for them no matter what, trust is established. When someone you know thinks she might be pregnant, she can confide in you. And you can help. Keep reading to find out how.

Here are five ways you can help a friend who might be pregnant:

  • Listen without judging. Many women who are facing an unintended pregnancy expect that some around them may look down on them for how they got into this situation. A listening ear is invaluable and can be rare.
  • Don’t pressure her. Women facing unintended pregnancies often feel pressure from their boyfriend, parents or friends. Support her and let her know you care without adding pressure.
  • Let her know there’s a place she can go for help in Care Net’s First Care Clinic.
  • Be there for her. Invite her to join you for coffee or to call you whenever she needs to talk to continue the conversation. Offer to pray with her and for her.
  • Keep the news to yourself. Don’t share the news with others even in terms of a prayer request. Keep her confidence unless there is a dangerous situation which should be reported.

Start creating a safe and welcoming environment around you today. And then you can be there to offer help when a woman or man is making a pregnancy decision.

Our clinic offers a safe, welcoming place for women and men needing help when faced with an unintended pregnancy. We’re happy to talk to friends and family members too. Give us a call or let your friend know she/he can come to us for help. Call or text us at 608-259-1605.