I realized something heartbreaking the other day.

If a young woman in our community were to learn that she was pregnant, her friends and family would likely know where to send her for an abortion. But they probably wouldn’t know where to send her for the support to continue her pregnancy.

That point was especially brought home during a recent conversation with Carlee*, a young woman who came to Care Net inquiring about our maternity home. I asked her if this was her first pregnancy, and her eyes filled with tears. “No. I had an abortion a few years ago. Everyone told me that’s what I should do, and I had no idea a place like this existed that would help me continue my pregnancy.”

Why is it that most people know where to go to end a child’s life, but very few know who can protect and support a mom and her unborn child?

I wonder what our community might look like if every young woman knew exactly where to go for help when she found herself in an unplanned pregnancy. What if every friend, sister, aunt, mother or grandmother that young woman confided in could tell her, “I know just where you can go to get help for both you AND your baby.”

Can you imagine the difference that awareness could make?

At Care Net, we offer real help for those facing an abortion decision. We provide housing, resources and support with everything from education to jobs to parenting and healthy relationships. All at no cost.

And every dollar really does count. It’s an investment in a child’s very life and better future. And an investment in helping their mother on their journey toward a better life. In God’s Kingdom, moms and babies will have a chance to thrive thanks to your generosity. And now your gift will be DOUBLED! Please send your gift by April 30 so we can take advantage of additional matching funds!

Let’s make a lasting difference by changing the resource landscape so that everyone knows where to go for help. Together, we can create a world where future Carlees never have to say, “I didn’t know there was someone who could help.”

We need your help.

*up to 15,000