Emma* had just relocated to Madison when she discovered she was pregnant. Her partner, Ian, was unemployed, and she had a part-time job and no medical insurance. Add to that the fact that she had miscarried a pregnancy a few years back, and you can imagine the stress Emma was feeling.  

Emma found First Care Clinic by Googling “free clinics that confirm pregnancy.” “They had an appointment on their mobile clinic and I was happy to get in,” remembered Emma. “I couldn’t believe how incredible the mobile clinic was. I was in shock at how cool it was!”   

But Emma’s excitement about the mobile facility turned to worry when the Care Net nurse couldn’t find a detectable heartbeat. The nurse asked Emma to return a week later for a follow-up ultrasound. And thus began a very long week filled with soul searching and anxiety.  

At her next appointment, the nurse knew how anxious Emma must be and immediately took her into the ultrasound room and scanned for the heartbeat. “She told me right away – ‘It’s there. It’s ok.’  You can’t imagine the excitement we felt when we saw that heartbeat,” Emma shared.  

But there were still obstacles, including Emma’s part-time work status and lack of insurance and that Ian didn’t have a job. “I was happy to learn Care Net could enroll me in BadgerCare so I could see a doctor,” remembered Emma. “They gave me vitamins and I registered for the online education classes right away.”  

The classes allowed Emma to earn “bucks” to shop in the Care Net Boutique, where she was able to stock up on diapers, clothes, blankets…all the things she needed for the baby. Emma and Ian both participated in Childbirth Education Classes, where they got all their questions answered and felt truly prepared the birth. 

Emma and Ian are now the proud parents of a three-month-old baby girl, Lydia. And we’re thrilled to report she and Ian were married last month!   

“I always speak highly of your clinic and have referred many people in my same situation,” said Emma. “I’m so glad a clinic like this exists.”  

And that is the best compliment our patients can pay us.  

When Emma, Ian and Lydia needed help, Care Net was there. Thank you for making it possible for us to provide compassionate care when people need us most.  

 *names changed to protect the privacy of our patients and their family members.