Did you know that Care Net accepts gifts of appreciated stocks? We do. And for some people, making a gift of stock is a smart way to give.

When you sell shares of stock that have appreciated, you are subject to capital gains taxes. But if you gift those stocks to a charity, you don’t pay capital gains, and the charity doesn’t either. This means you can deduct the FULL value of the stock donation, and Care Net could receive a larger gift, which would allow us to reach MORE women, help MORE people, and point MORE families to the saving hope of Christ Jesus.

How do you make a stock gift? Talk to your financial advisor. They will assist you in electronically transferring your gift of stock. They will need some information in order to transfer the stock to Care Net, so copy this info down:

Care Net Broker: LPL Financial
Financial Consultant: Gary Fossum
Account: 6546-7313
DTC: 0075
Contact Number: 608-238-2608

Your own broker will provide you with the fair market value of your stock donation for tax purposes. Please let us know so that we can ensure proper receipt of the gift. Our broker will not know your name, so you have to let us know the name of the stock, the date of transfer, and the number of shares. Contact Sara Stachowski with this information. You can email her at SaraS@carenetdane.org or call 608-259-1606 and ask for Sara in the Finance Department.

No matter how you choose to give – thank you for making these precious preborn babies and their families an intentional part of your giving strategy.