By now you may have heard the news – medical services and life-affirming resources will be coming directly into neighborhoods throughout Dane County.

The mobile clinic is still set to launch in the fall of 2019. The spacious state-of-the-art medical clinic has been designed with our client’s comfort and dignity in mind.

Privacy curtains in beautiful, calming colors.

The goal was to create an interior that is welcoming and relaxing.  The design team accomplished that by using soft, calming color choices and fabrics that create a peaceful atmosphere. But looks aren’t the only thing that we are focusing on.

This medical specialty vehicle is built using high quality and dependable construction. The surfaces are designed to withstand the rigorous cleaning required in a medical clinic, while soundproof construction helps us maintain client confidentiality. The spacious waiting room will play relaxing music, which research has shown helps alleviate stress and anxiety. Every detail has been carefully designed to make delivery of service efficient and enjoyable for staff and patients alike.

We hope to begin offering services three days a week, with plans to expand services in 2020. We are looking at locations in Fitchburg, Sun Prairie, and the west side of Madison. Our medical services will include pregnancy testing, ultrasound, and STI testing and treatment for at-risk populations. We will also provide education and community referrals. And we haven’t forgotten about Dad’s – our fatherhood coordinator will meet one-on-one with men, helping them build the skills they need to be involved and engaged Dads.

We covet your prayers for this important project. Pray for God’s favor as we meet with potential partners to secure parking locations. Pray for the company building the unit and that the project proceeds in a timely manner and we do not experience any delays. Pray for the communities that we will enter – that God will soften hearts and prepare a way for us to serve and minister to the women and men we encounter. Pray that God will bring us the staff and volunteers we need to fully support this new mobile clinic.