Thanks to our family of supporters and God’s grace, we’ve accomplished some incredible goals and reached a record number of women and families! Here are just a few of the incredible things we’ve accomplished:

  • Over 1,432 students attended presentations in middle and high school, encouraging them to seek healthy sexual relationships to avoid sexually transmitted infections or unintended pregnancy.
  • We saw a 32% increase (from 280 to 369) in the number of patients we saw in the clinic for a pregnancy evaluation.
  • We performed 380 ultrasounds.
  • We had over 270 spiritual discussions with our patients.
  • Our mobile clinic went to Janesville, West Madison, Fitchburg, and the Dells to increase access for women living in those areas.
  • We provided 38 moms & babies with shelter and hope in our maternity home in 2023.
  • Collectively, the residents of the maternity home paid off over $18,000 in debt, allowing them to move out with less financial burden.
  • We provided $13,000 in benevolence funds to single or pregnant moms in crisis and thousands of dollars in diapers, wipes, and other baby supplies.
  • You also provided over 600 appointments for testing and treatment when needed of sexually transmitted infections for women.

We’re reaching more women than ever before. That means we can offer them the truth and resources to help them navigate an unintended pregnancy. Our desire is for every woman and man facing an unexpected pregnancy to have access to the support and resources they need to thrive. And with your help, we can reach more women and save more lives. Thank you for joining us to minister to hurting men and women.