Check out our new outdoor sign

Although our ministry partners and volunteers know us as “Care Net,” our patients know us by our clinic name, First Care Clinic. So, you can imagine the confusion when patients who found us online or through our ads or mobile clinic drove up to a building with a big “Care Net” sign out front.

To minimize confusion, we’ve updated our outdoor sign to reflect both elements of our name. The First Care Clinic logo is big and bold with the words “a program of Care Net,” underneath so you can find us, too!

Thanks for keeping our doors open. These are challenging times, but with God’s help, and yours, we are making a difference every day. Pray especially for our nurses who are working on the front lines. Since the pandemic, we’re seeing a growing number of young teens who are facing an unintended pregnancy or a sexually transmitted infection. We would not be able to do this work if we didn’t love and serve a God who is bigger than any circumstance.

Thanks for praying with us!