Life in the Balance


Life hangs in the balance as I write. A precious tiny life may not take his first birth because his mother feels overwhelmed and trapped by her circumstances. But his mother is here. Not long ago she was in an abortion clinic’s parking lot – but something prompted her to leave and come here. This … Continued

Wonderfully Made

October is observed as Respect Life Month in the Catholic Church. We at Care Net are comprised of people from across denominational lines — Catholics and Protestants, evangelicals and charismatics and those from non-denominational churches. Yet we hold in common our love for Jesus and our respect for the value of all human life. We … Continued

The Science of Life

Baby in womb.

Many of us know that a preborn baby is a new human being, entirely unique from his mother. And we value this preborn baby, and his mother and father, because each of them is created in the image of God. Yet do we really understand the science behind life? And do we grasp enough of … Continued