This package holds a surprising gift.
This package holds a surprising gift.

Guess what is inside this package.

Go ahead…take a guess.

As unlikely as it seems, it is actually a floor lamp. Once unwrapped, it will give light in the darkness around it.

Over 2,000 years ago, the Light of the World appeared in the darkness in a surprising “package” – a baby born in a stable. Who would guess what a precious child Mary held in the stable? Who would think to look for Him there?

Today, as we meet with a young woman, we do not know what greatness her womb may hold. Her unborn child could be the next Billy Graham, Mother Theresa, Martin Luther King or Steve Jobs. Or maybe the school “lunch lady” who goes out of her way to make sure that children who might not have enough at home get one square meal a day. Or this child could grow up to be the businessman and loving father across the street who shovels the driveway for his elderly neighbor.

We do know that this baby, and his mother, are precious children of God, created in His image. The pregnant mom we saw yesterday may be a loving mother tomorrow, bringing light to her own family because of the hope she found at Care Net.

Thank you for being a part of bringing light in the darkness and hope to the hopeless. Each prayer, each gift and each hour spent volunteering brings a bit of light to another mom struggling in the darkness.

In this season when we celebrate the Light that came into the world, we are glad to raise our little lights together with yours to bring light, hope and peace.

Let’s celebrate the Light of the World together as we each extend light and hope around us!