10 days - 6 lives at risk
In just 10 days, we saw six women who felt that their only way out of their difficult situations was abortion. None really wanted that choice but all felt stuck and overwhelmed.

10 days – 6 lives at risk
This is hard.

We have seen God answering our prayers — and your prayers. We have been asking God to bring women who are pregnant and feel their only option is abortion to our clinic. We want to be there to offer hope and support. We want them to see that there are options – they do not need to feel forced into a choice they do not really want to make.

God has answered. In just 10 days recently, we saw six women who felt that their only way out of their difficult situations was abortion. Some alone. Others with their boyfriend or mother or a friend. Some in tears. Others in stony silence. None really wanting that choice but all feeling stuck and overwhelmed.

And now, for most of them, we don’t know what they have decided yet. One made an appointment at an abortion clinic. One had a miscarriage. For many we are still waiting and praying. Even the one who made the abortion appointment may still change her mind. We pray that she does.

These are the women we most want to see – the ones who are most desperate and need the love of Jesus and the care of God’s people the most.

They are also very difficult appointments for our clinic staff and volunteers. Having one difficult conversation after another takes its toll on the nurses and sonographers who are seeing these patients.

As you remember Care Net in your prayers, please pray for strength and the empowerment of the Holy Spirit for our nurses and staff. We know that when we are weak, He is strong. Please pray for His strength to be made manifest in our weakness. Pray for God to speak to each woman exactly what she needs to hear through our caring staff.

Please pray that God does continue to bring the women who need us most to our doors. Pray that we are the first choice for more and more women. Pray that He changes hearts and minds so that women and men facing unintended pregnancies may see a life-affirming way to move forward. Pray that they no longer see a need for a second choice. And pray that God would bring an end to an abortion in our nation in our time.

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Editor’s note: Since this was posted, two of the six patients referenced above have returned for an ultrasound and chosen to carry their babies to term. We are most grateful for your prayers.