Toddler praying
“I love that you always pray for me here.”

“Could we pray for you?” a nurse asked Jessica*.

“Yeah, I love that you always pray for me here,” Jessica replied.

As far as we know, Jessica is not a Christian. But she does trust us and appreciate our prayers. Today Jessica was having an ultrasound. But a few weeks earlier, she was here for a pregnancy test. And if the test was positive, she planned to have an abortion.

Unlike many of our patients, Jessica is married. Her husband and other family members would make a life decision, but Jessica did not plan to tell them about the baby. She could end the pregnancy and no one would ever know she carried a dark secret.

Why would Jessica feel abortion was her only choice?

Jessica was overwhelmed and scared. Her two-year-old son is strong-willed and very difficult to manage. How could she add another baby to her life?

We hear, “I don’t know how I can care for another baby,” over and over again in our clinic.

Contrary to popular belief, more than half (59%) of women who have abortions already have at least one other child. Young moms who are already overwhelmed often see no way out other than abortion.

We had seen Jessica before: three years ago when pregnant with her son. And another time when she was pregnant and did end her pregnancy. She told us, “I regret my abortion, but I felt I didn’t have a choice.”

For weeks, we continued to pray for Jessica. We prayed for God to remind her of what she heard and saw here, and of the hope she felt. We prayed for God to turn her heart toward her child. And He did.

At Jessica’s ultrasound appointment today, she told us she would carry her baby to term. She had talked with her husband and he is overjoyed they are expecting another child.

Thank you for making it possible for Jessica to make a decision to welcome another baby into their family. Today you saved a life.

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* Name changed to protect privacy.