I want to share a recent experience with you.  One of the moms who’s called The Elizabeth House (T.E.H.) her home for the past 8 months was ready to move into her next home.  It was bittersweet to say goodbye to her. She was heading out of state, where we wouldn’t be able to see her regularly. 

I watched as two other moms who live at T.E.H. clung to her in tears. They had become so close over the months – bonding over their shared experience of facing an unintended pregnancy without a supportive partner. They had shared wounds, joys, and lost dreams with one another. Here, they had found deep, long-lasting friendships that had transformed their lives. 

And to me, that was pretty awesome. You see, I had met with each one of them when they had first come to us looking for a place to live. I can remember how alone and isolated they seemed back then.  But here, they had found community.  No longer alone – they have friends who had become as close as family to help them through this difficult journey. 

That’s one of the most magical aspects of our program.  Women who were once alone discover the healing power of love and friendship.  God made us for community, and that’s exactly what The Elizabeth House provides. 

Although the circumstances of her conception were very different, long ago, a young girl named Mary found herself pregnant and alone, afraid of the judgment of her family, church and society. She found shelter in her cousin’s home – Elizabeth’s house-and today, thanks to you – pregnant women can still find refuge, love and support in The Elizabeth House. 

Thanks for providing a safe place for these courageous and precious women to find a supportive family.