Who taught you how to be a mom or dad? How to fix a flat or save for the future?

We all have different answers, and some may say, “I never was taught those things.”

At Care Net we understand that not everyone has a role model mom or dad. But it’s never too late to learn, and we are here for such a need.

Care Net offers more than 200 free classes that teach patients, moms, and dads what they need to thrive. All for free.

Katie, Care Net education manager, teaches in person, online, and through video.

Last week, Gerry* and she spent their third session together on fatherhood. Raised without a dad, Gerry wants to be the dad he never had. He is willing to do what it takes not just to be a dad, but to be an inspiration through each season his child grows. While the voices around him tell Gerry he’s a failure, Care Net teaches him he’s valued.

This week, Katie will lead six moms in The Elizabeth House in daily devotions. She’s helped Naomi*, who is soon to deliver, to understand all she needs to know about childbirth. She’ll coach Heather* on getting her eviction paid off and Carla* on car seat installation and child safety. All with the goal of empowering these moms to make healthy decisions for themselves and their families.

Care Net’s First Care Clinic offers Childcare Education at no cost, which is not the case for most insurances, including Medicaid and Badger Care. Taking Childbirth classes at First Care Clinic provides a welcoming environment to single moms vs. hospital classes typically attended by couples excited together for this new life.

Care Net education classes are structured as “earn as you learn” opportunities for participants to receive dollars they can use in Care Net’s boutique and market.

The beautiful boutique is filled with everything a new mom needs for her baby, all brand-new items donated by our generous community members and churches. For taking a car seat installation class, moms earn a new child car seat. For completing a child sleep safety class, moms receive a new pack n play.

In addition, our Project Home Program offers moms graduating from The Elizabeth House with all the household goods they need to furnish their new living space, from shower curtains to pots and pans, microwaves, vacuum cleaners.

We encourage our families to never stop learning and to continue to grow and build relationships that shape us into who God is calling us to be. Care Net is committed to empowering families to learn all they need to grow into independence and stability, one class at a time.

*names changed