Liz Osbornby Liz Osborn

Remember the 1950’s sitcom Leave It to Beaver? Ward Cleaver always made it home in time for dinner and was key to ensuring Wally and the Beav learned an important lesson by the end of each episode.  “Gee golly!”

In addition to whatever life lesson Ward wanted to impart, there was always a bigger and subtler one behind it: Dads matter. At Care Net, we believe, like you do, that Dads matter just as much today as they did then. We haven’t lost sight of God’s design, which is for a child to be raised by a mom and a dad, ideally a mom and dad who have committed to each other and their family through marriage.

It was with this thought in mind that our board and staff recently made an important addition to our Mission Statement: the word “men.” This change represents a turning point in our focus. We have always prioritized loving and serving not just the baby, but the mom. And now we’d like to affirm our support for the father too.

One of the top reasons women give for having an abortion is that they don’t want to be single mothers.  We hear it almost daily in the clinic: our moms’ heartfelt concerns and fears that they won’t have the financial, emotional, and physical support they need not only to carry their baby, but to be a good parent.

Dads are a crucial part of the equation.  But too often in our culture today and in the unplanned pregnancy decision-making process, men are minimized, marginalized and misunderstood. At Care Net, we want to welcome them in.  That’s why in 2017, we will continue to pray and search for new ways to reach these men—both at the critical point when decisions are being made about a pregnancy and beyond. To help them become the good and loving fathers their children need them to be.

But we can only do that with your help.

Here’s what we need. First, male mentors. Committed Christians who will work with these young men to change the conversations they’re having with their partners and help keep these dads involved and excited about their role in their child’s life. Second, church partners who will offer our young families a vibrant community of faith and the long-term support they need to weather the storms of life that come our way. And last, your prayers.

As critical as it is that we focus on saving unborn lives and ministering life-affirming alternatives, aren’t we about so much more? Please help us step up our outreach to fathers.