Celebrating 2016 - Looking to 2017As we begin 2017, we’d like to take a moment to reflect on a few things YOU made possible in 2016.

As we assemble our annual statistics, a few things stand out:

  • Lives were saved. At least two dozen babies whose mothers came to us feeling they had no option but abortion will be born in 2017 because YOU made a difference for life. Dozens more young women were undecided. These women were able to make life decisions because YOU made it possible for them to receive help and hope and hear about options and support. Only God knows the actual number of babies saved; sometimes we don’t reach former patients to hear of their decisions for life or what made the difference for them. Thank YOU for making it possible for dozens of children to take their first steps, cut their first tooth and live life!
  • Hearts were transformed with the love of Christ. Several women and men made decisions to follow Christ. More grew in their faith through the relational and individualized ministries of The Elizabeth House and First Care Clinic. Because of YOU, the gospel was shared and spiritual conversations happened day in and day out. Because of YOU, the angels rejoiced time and time again over new members of the Kingdom of God.
  • Changes were made for generations. A number of mothers graduated from The Elizabeth House and moved into their own apartments. These women are equipped to be the best moms they can be and have learned what it is to experience loving, healthy relationships. They have stable jobs and quality, affordable childcare. They know how to create a budget. They plan and make healthy meals for themselves and their children. In short, these moms are ready to provide a nurturing environment for their growing babies. And those babies will grow up feeling secure, loved and cared for and in turn will be able to love and care for others. A healthy cycle begins for generations to come because of YOU.

In the coming weeks, we will share numbers with you. We’ll continue to share stories of individuals for whom you have made a lifesaving, life changing difference. But for today, join with us to celebrate these big picture ideas of what God did in 2016 and what you were a part of making possible.

And stay tuned to see what YOU make possible being pro-abundant life in 2017.