Amira* came to us to test for sexually transmitted infections, but as she met with our nurse, she asked for a pregnancy test too. When the nurse let Amira know the test was positive, the walls went up.

We told her about our education on healthy pregnancies and childbirth. She said, “I don’t need that.” We offered prenatal vitamins. Her response? “I don’t need those.” Why? Because Amira planned to have an abortion as she had done with a previous pregnancy.

We were thankful Amira agreed to come back for an ultrasound. But when she arrived, Amira was detached, would not look at the ultrasound screen and gave terse responses to our nurse’s questions. Amira was early in her pregnancy and there was little visible on the ultrasound.

When they didn’t see a heartbeat, Amira wondered if something was wrong. Although she scheduled a second ultrasound, we assumed we would never see Amira again. But God had other plans.

The day of the ultrasound arrived and so did Amira. She was more engaged, she confided she was now considering carrying her pregnancy to term and she asked lots of questions.

Diamond ring ultrasound
At around 5 weeks gestation, the fetus and yolk sac lining often appear as a diamond ring, where the fetus is the diamond and the lining is the ring.

The ultrasound revealed what’s known as a “diamond ring.” This type of ultrasound can appear between five and six weeks gestation: The yolk sac represents the “ring” and the embryo the “diamond.”

Our nurse zoomed in on the embryo and said, “Do you see that flickering in the middle? That’s the heartbeat.” Amira smiled.

Our ultrasound assistant added, “You got a diamond ring for a special day.” Amira gave a little laugh.

This time, Amira gladly accepted our offer of prenatal vitamins. She was interested in hearing about education to help her navigate pregnancy and delivery and learn to be the best mom she can be. This time, thanks to you, she decided to give her baby life.

A diamond wedding ring symbolizes love and unending commitment. Because of you, Amira made a loving commitment to protect the tiny “diamond ring” growing inside her.

* Name changed to protect privacy.