Billie Jo, RN
Billie Jo, our new Nurse Manager, was thrilled to have her first spiritual interaction with a patient. She took a chance and was part of a beautiful God moment.

Billie Jo had an opportunity to see a Proverb in action recently.

“Like apples of gold in settings of silver is a word spoken in right circumstances.”
–Proverbs 25:11 NASB

Billie Jo, a registered nurse and our new Nurse Manager, has worked in labor and delivery for 15 years. She is happy to join Care Net’s staff to be able to provide holistic medicine. She is excited “to be able to present the gospel and to serve women in a professional, medical capacity.”

With this in mind, she was thrilled to have her first spiritual interaction with a patient. This moment was a great encouragement as she begins her journey serving women in our clinic.

Billie Jo’s patient, Anna*, was newly pregnant and was petrified that she would not be able to love another baby. Anna has a little one at home. She was sobbing as she talked with Billie Jo.

Billie Jo took a chance. She shared with Anna that God fills our hearts with love and can fill her heart with enough love for both children. Anna continued to sob, but now her tears were tears of joy and hope.

Anna shared with Billie Jo that she believes in God. She also said she had recently started attending church again with her boyfriend. Anna knows that she has a God who loves her. She felt affirmed that God would provide her with the “extra” love she needed.

Billie Jo shared a few Bible passages to further encourage Anna. Anna left saying that she would “love it” if we would pray for her and her growing family.

Billie Jo said of the experience, “It was a beautiful moment – one that I will forever treasure. I feel blessed to be a part of it!”

This moment was a great encouragement, and a little touch from God. It may be an important moment for Billie Jo to look back on when she has challenging days. It may provide the encouragement she needs as she moves forward into this front lines work. Meeting with women who are making pregnancy decisions can be very difficult. This moment provided encouragement and a glimpse of why we exist.

We are here to listen and to offer help and support in a time of need. We help to protect the vulnerable. Through being available to women and men making pregnancy decisions, we are a part of saving lives. By meeting with women who may be on the verge of tears or overwhelmed by their circumstances, we are available to share the love and care of Christ when they most need it. Because you make all of this possible, we are able to see lives saved and lives transformed for all eternity.

Thank you for providing a listening ear and an encouraging word “spoken in right circumstances.” Thank you for making these beautiful moments possible!

* Name changed to protect privacy.