The Supreme Court is discussing the constitutional right to abortion, and people on both sides of the issue are wondering how or if abortion access will change in the coming months.

I’ve seen some powerful word slinging, along with a dire list of things we can expect: women dying in alleys, an increase in crime and poverty, homeless children and mothers, more children languishing in foster care. And it’s been predicted that those of us who support abortion restrictions will abandon these women to suffer alone. They paint a grim picture.

But it’s not the future we see at Care Net.

Instead, we see a future where women and men have the resources they need to choose life and thrive. A place where all life is equally valued and protected.

Why is our perception so different? Because we’ve been envisioning a world without Roe for nearly four decades and will never abandon the people we’ve been called to serve.

Over 36 years ago, a group of women came together to support the women in their community who were faced with an unintended pregnancy. They gave their time, their resources, and their hearts to loving these women right where they were. No matter how messy the situation or how dire the circumstances, these women were committed to sharing the hope of the Gospel of Jesus and the power of transformation. They knew that God had a plan for these moms and their babies that was greater than their circumstances.

If abortion access changes in the coming months, very little will actually change here at Care Net. We’ll continue to:

  • Provide factual information about the preborn
  • Empower women and men to be the best moms and dads they can, through education and parenting classes
  • Coordinate care so pregnant women can access resources such as housing, job training, medical care and more
  • Provide refuge to single, expectant women who need a safe place to stay until they are self-sufficient and ready to live on their own
  • Help moms and dads build connections through our new mentoring program
  • Invite churches and individuals to join us to meet critical needs facing families in crisis.

In short, the work we’ve always done to ensure moms are supported, children can thrive, and men can step up and into their roles as fathers. What may change, however, is the number of women and men who need our services. And with your help, we will be ready to love and care for each one of them.

As changes unfold, we’ll continue to share updates.  We will be planning an informational forum to take place later this month.  Stay tuned for details!  If you are not on our email list, sign up here.