Every day in Dane County, two women end their pregnancies, feeling they have no option but abortion. But on a recent day, God broke in and said, “Not these two.”

Makayla and Nicole (names changed) came into our clinic on the same day. Both felt that abortion would be the responsible decision. The circumstances in both of their lives made any other option seem insurmountable.

But God. God broke in that day to two hearts and minds to impact two more little lives. God looked down from heaven and said, “These two babies are mine.”

God changed two hearts and minds and both Makayla and Nicole made decisions to carry their babies to term. Both plan to come back to talk further and to begin our education programs.

Makayla and Nicole experienced hope and love shown by our caring staff and volunteers. They each worked through a decision guide to evaluate their values and their options. And both saw the first glimpse of their unborn babies via ultrasound.

God made a difference. You made a difference. Two lives were saved. For one day, there were no lives ended to abortion in Dane County.