Have you heard it said, “Compassion is a verb”? 

It reminds me of how completely it captures the fact that true compassion requires action 

Here are just a few of the many ways your generous support has helped Care Net live compassion over the past year. 

When a pregnant mom came to us, wearing only sandals, no coat, no gloves or mittens. Compassion had us running to get those items so she didn’t leave without them. 

When a pregnant woman sat across the table, and told us she hadn’t eaten in a couple days. Compassion meant we stopped and ordered food, right then and there.   

When a single mom, who finally got into an apartment but had no bed to sleep on, couch to sit, or dishes to eat on, compassion moved us to help her get those items as quickly as possible. 

When a text from a mom arrived that said, “I’m scared. I’m young and I’m pregnant. If my parents find out they will kick me out of the house.” Compassion moved us to reach out to her and offer support and help.   

When a woman curled in the fetal position, rocked back and forth because this was the day her child should have been born…but was aborted instead.  Compassion meant we wrapped her in our arms and said, “You can heal and find forgiveness and be whole again.” 

Thank you for acting…so we could act on your behalf.  You are clothing the naked, taking in the stranger, comforting the broken-hearted, setting prisoners free. You are serving the King when you serve the least of these.