from the desk of CEO, Sara Patterson

 “The horse is prepared for the day of battle, but the victory belongs to the LORD. The battle is the Lord’s” Proverbs 21:31 

Just as soldiers of old prepared their horses for battle, we also stand ready to daily engage the enemy. Our fight is not for land or property or power, but for human lives and souls. 

Today, even as I write, abortion has resumed in our city after a year hiatus. Just a few blocks away from our clinic in Madison, a woman is entering an abortion clinic with a preborn child and leaving without one.  And so, we grieve.  

But we also know that death doesn’t have the final word.  Just as the grave couldn’t hold our Saviour, the abortion industry and its proponents will not claim the ultimate victory. 

We will be here for women like Emily and Olivia whose stories you’ll read in this newsletter. Sharing truth and pointing the way to life. Walking with them through the journey with support, tangible resources, and compassionate care. 

That’s God’s Kingdom come to earth. Every life saved is HIS Victory. Thank you for being ready for battle with your prayers, your financial support, and  your time and talents. 

Each woman and man who turns from the lure of abortion and each child who is born to fulfill their God-given purpose, is another battle won.  Thank you for standing firm! 

We are looking for volunteers to serve as patient advocates and receptionists. Both require a weekly commitment of at least four hours. If you are interested in learning more, email