Meet Raina and her baby, Triana. At the time this picture was taken, Raina was a new mom who’d spent the last months of her pregnancy at The Elizabeth House.  Raina had been homeless and looking for a safe place to have her baby when she found The Elizabeth House.  While a resident, she received support and resources that helped her get back on track. She specifically enjoyed the parenting, childbirth, and breastfeeding classes that helped her become the mom she is today

Here are Raina and Triana today, five years later.  Raina is now a case manager at a food pantry where she helps people in difficult circumstances find the support and resources they need to thrive. Because you believed in Raina and invested in her future she is now able to help others in need and is working toward building healthier communities for all. And her daughter has grown to be a healthy, inquisitive child who’s blossomed under her mother’s loving care.  

Thank you for supporting women and children through your generous gifts!