Pierre* and Esther* walked through our doors one morning. They had driven an hour to get to our clinic. They were desperate.

Couple's hands
Abortion seemed like Esther’s only solution. Photo by Gül Kurtaran on Unsplash

Esther was pregnant and feeling so sick that she was unable to continue working. However, if she had to quit her job, their financial difficulties would be compounded. She would probably have to move out of state to live with family.

Neither one spoke enough English to hold a simple conversation. We found out their native language and while it is not English, or even Spanish, one of our nurses “happens” to speak their language!

She met with them and found out that they felt that they needed to end the pregnancy so Esther would be able to keep her job and stay in her apartment.

Esther and Pierre were interested in having an ultrasound so that came next. All the time our nurse conversed with them in their native language so they could understand what they were seeing. They could also understand their options and what resources were available to them.

Yet, abortion seemed like their only solution.

They left and we prayed. We knew that God had arranged this appointment. Out of all the places they could have gone, they found our clinic. And we happened to have a nurse who speaks their language. And she happened to be working that day.

Over the following weeks we prayed. And then one day, a phone call. Esther called to say that they had decided they would carry to term. Even though the situation was challenging, they had decided they wanted to make it work.

We were overjoyed to see how God worked in this situation. The “impossible” had just become possible. What had seemed hopeless was now filled with hope.

Later this year, Esther and Pierre will welcome their child into this world, because people like you prayed. And because people like you made it possible for a nurse who speaks their language to be available to speak with, listen to and care for Esther and Pierre.

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* Names changed to protect privacy.