Never Want to Go Through That Again

“I never want to go through that again.” Our nurses sometimes hear this statement from women who have made an abortion decision in the past. Recently, a number of women who have come to our clinic for pregnancy testing have said on their intake forms, “I regret my previous abortion.” Melanie* accepted our invitation to … Continued

To Proclaim Freedom

What does Care Net have to do with proclaiming freedom? Aren’t we about saving and changing lives? Yes! But we are about much more than saving lives of innocent, unborn children – as critical as that is. God has called us to serve women and men making pregnancy decisions. To offer them support and needed … Continued

From My Heart – Easter Every Day

by Liz Osborn — As we prepare to celebrate the joy and triumph of Easter, I found myself reflecting on the glorious events surrounding the resurrection account.  Easter is all about Life and restoration and don’t we love to proclaim that message? But then, my mind drifted to Good Friday and Jesus’ death.  Undoubtedly, there … Continued