The Power of Hope

Around here, we talk a lot about hope—and, in fact, “Keeping Hope Alive” is one of our core values. We believe that no situation, no relationship, no person is beyond the redemptive power of Jesus Christ. And we know that hope can keep a person going, even in the darkest of days.  

Amanda and Tyler were no strangers to the feeling of hopelessness. Shackled by drug addiction, they made some very poor choices which caused them to lose custody of their children last year.  The stress of the pandemic and the lack of help and resources had led them to a place of despair. As difficult as it was, losing their children was the catalyst for them to pursue a new start.  

Amanda and Tyler both entered drug treatment and are now in recovery. In order to show they were ready to be united with their children, the court requested they take parenting classes and that’s when they came to Care Net.  

Amanda and Tyler started by watching videos online.  Tyler, especially, couldn’t watch enough of them!  “I never saw things from this perspective. It opened my eyes to a whole new way of parenting.  I used the think the only way to correct a child was to spank them. Now I know there are other, better, ways to help change my kids’ behavior.” 

As the pandemic restrictions let up, Amanda and Tyler started attending classes in person. “I feel guilty not paying for this,” Amanda said. “It’s such an incredible resource, being able to talk through different issues and get advice.  I can’t tell you how it’s changed not just how we interact with our kids, but how we control ourselves. We feel in control now, not like everything is in chaos and there’s nothing we can do.”   

Amanda and Tyler are ready to be reunited with their children, and they are also welcoming a new baby. “It’s a fresh start for all of us,” they said, “And it’s all thanks to this program. I don’t know where we’d be without it and without Care Net.”