Those Smiling Moms and Adorable Babies Wouldn’t Be There
If It Weren’t For Our Amazing Volunteers

Volunteer receptionist
“I love volunteering here because of the genuine care and respect that everyone gives to every person who walk through the doors here! It’s a joy to volunteer here!” –Suzanne, volunteer peer advocate

We are blessed at Care Net to have wonderful volunteers who are on the front lines (and behind the scenes) saving and changing lives. Without this powerful troupe of women and men meeting with young women and men making pregnancy decisions, providing medical services, caring for moms and babies in The Elizabeth House, making phone calls and helping with baby bottles, mailings and spreadsheets, what we do would not happen.

Volunteer Nurse
“Volunteering at Care Net is the first time in over 50 years of nursing that I am able to pray with my patients. That is what I love best. It is awesome!” – Carol, RN volunteer

Those smiling moms and adorable babies you see on Facebook or in our newsletter or emails would not be there because there would have been no one to walk with the overwhelmed women once they entered our doors.

The proud fathers would not be there either because there wasn’t an experienced mentor to come alongside them.

Pregnant women in Madison would be homeless, couch surfing or staying in unsafe situations because there were not loving arms to embrace them and help these women to walk in a new direction and become the best moms they can be.

Volunteer receptionist
“I feel passionate about the mission of Care Net. I feel a sense of purpose when I volunteer here.” – Cassie, volunteer peer advocate

So, while every day we appreciate our amazing volunteers, our prayer partners and all of those who invest in this ministry with their time and talent or with their finances and resources, this day, during Volunteer Appreciation Month, we want to say thank you to our volunteers. Thank you for all you do to make everything that happens to save lives, transform hearts and make a difference for generations possible. We are most grateful for you.

Chari, RN volunteer, "My eyes were opened to the impact I could make."
“I really appreciate the ability to not only address the physical issues that our patients are facing, but also the spiritual aspect of decision-making.” — Chari, RN volunteer
Volunteer nurse
“By volunteering at Care Net, I get to support the nurses and staff who have dedicated their careers to helping women in need. The staff is never in a rush to ‘get through appointments’, which is a breath of fresh air. Providing top-quality medical care is just the first step; the nurses take the time with each client to listen without judgment or pretense and seek to meet the yearning that exists within each one of us to be heard and to be understood.” Sara, RN volunteer