How Sally uses her talents to serve the Kingdom

Sally Spaeni has been serving as a Patient Advocate in our clinic since last summer. “I always felt nudges to get involved at Care Net. It started when I went through a support group to heal from the pain of my own abortion. I knew that God was calling me to help other women who were considering abortion. After I retired God made it clear this is where I was to serve.” She loves using her gifts to help people see how sacred life is and lead them toward the source of hope.

“I have an overwhelming sense of gratitude to be a witness. It’s a gift to hear their stories, to hear how much they are dealing with, and be able to share all the resources that are available to them.”

Sally has also learned that you don’t have to travel to find a mission field. There is one right here in Madison. “My favorite part is the opportunity to have a spiritual discussion with these women.” Sally is thankful she’s had the opportunity to lead two women to Christ. “I rely on the Holy Spirit to help me know what to say. And He always walks me through it. When I ask women, they are very open to talking about God. I listen and let them explore their thoughts. I have a chance to pray with many of them, and they will say how grateful they are that someone cared enough to pray with them.”

If you would like to experience the joy that comes from bearing another’s burden, praying, and sharing resources and the Gospel with women facing difficult pregnancy decisions, contact us about volunteering. We’ll find the right role for you! Fill out this form to get started.