Pressure Relieved

Thanks to your help, support and hope!

Violet was pretty sure she was pregnant. She could feel the pressure building—not knowing for sure was incredibly stressful—and finding a clinic to confirm her pregnancy wasn’t proving to be easy. Violet didn’t have a regular clinic and the only one she knew of didn’t have any openings.

An online search turned up First Care Clinic. Violet wasn’t sure she wanted to visit our clinic— after all, her partner was pressuring her to choose abortion. But she was out of options, so she decided to take a chance.

“It wasn’t at all what I expected,” remembered Violet. “It was a real medical clinic and the woman I met with talked with me about all my options. She didn’t try to push an agenda on me or tell me I had to have this baby. Everyone was respectful. They let me know this was my decision to make.”

Already feeling pressured to choose abortion, it was a relief for Violet to be in a safe place where she could honestly consider all her options without feeling judged.

“They let me know that if I continued the pregnancy, I would have resources to help me, even if my boyfriend left and I had to move forward as a single parent.”
With First Care Clinic’s support, Violet felt she had the help she needed to say “yes” to her baby. And that support didn’t end with her decision. Our clinic stayed in touch with Violet throughout her pregnancy and was thrilled when she gave birth to her beautiful baby Aria in February. The father who originally wanted Violet to have an abortion has embraced being a dad. “Now that Aria is here, he is in love with the baby and is much more involved,” said Violet.

Violet was so grateful there was a place that could help her without a long wait—after all, when you’re worried about an unexpected pregnancy, every day can feel like a decade. She’s also grateful for the care and love she received throughout the experience.

“I was expecting ‘judgy’ but that’s not what I got. I met wonderfully supportive people and received resources and help throughout the journey. It was such a feeling of relief.