You’ve probably seen Care Net’s baby bottles at your church. And likely you’ve picked one up and put cash in it. Hopefully you’ve brought it back to church. Or possibly it’s still sitting on your dresser.

We are grateful for the thousands of people in this community who join together from 70+ area churches each year to save and transform lives through the simple act of putting money or a check in a baby bottle and returning it to their church.

Yes, it is a great fundraiser for Care Net right at the beginning of the summer. It certainly helps to keep the lights on, the ultrasound machine going and food on the table at The Elizabeth House.

But beyond the simple dollars, the Baby Bottle Campaign is perhaps our best way to let individuals in churches in our community know about the great work that so many people like you are bringing about through Care Net Pregnancy Center.

Time and time again, when I’ve asked people how they heard about Care Net, I hear in reply, “I found out about it through the Baby Bottle Campaign at my church.” Perhaps you’re one of the people who would answer this way.

Dozens upon dozens of people like you, who make a difference to save and change lives through their gifts of finances, time and prayer, made their first gift in a baby bottle.

We would not be here offering a listening ear, pregnancy testing and medically indicated ultrasound if it were not for those dozens, or perhaps hundreds of individuals who first saw a Care Net baby bottle.

This spring we had fun putting together a quick 53 second video that portrays what a baby bottle can become.

That baby bottle can become an open door to share the love of Christ. It can make the difference to save a life. Or it can be part of providing a safe and nurturing home for a pregnant mom and her baby. It can be the first stepping stone to lives being transformed.

And the great news is, that is just a start! As new people and families hear about Care Net through their church’s Baby Bottle Campaign, they become new friends of Care Net who will invest to save and change lives often for many years to come.

If you have not seen baby bottles at your church in the past, be sure to get in touch with us about how you can bring Care Net’s Baby Bottle Campaign to your faith community – or even your small group, school or community organization.

Find out more here or contact Diane about bringing the Baby Bottle Campaign to your church or another group.