This lovely carol so beautifully captures the awe and wonder of the Christ child! What child is this that angels sing and shepherds guard his keeping?

At Care Net, we often find ourselves wondering the same. What child is this?

When a patient visits our clinic with abortion on her mind, we wonder: Who is this person God is forming in this womb? What child is this? Who is God is knitting together, called for a unique purpose, and placed in this generation?

At times like this, I often reflect on people who have left an indelible mark on me. People like Nancy, a former co-worker who showed genuine love to every person she met. Mike, from whom I learned how to be a servant leader. Gina, who taught me any job worth doing is a job worth doing well. The surgeon who saved my daughter’s life. And Tara, who showed me that a person can survive anything as long as you know the suffering has meaning and God will use it for His glory.

What child is this, whom we mortals ask for divine intervention? What child is this that our nurses strive to help their mother find a path to life?

What child is this, so worthy of every effort, every resource, every ounce of fight we can give? Whose life will be unforgettably changed and blessed because of this child?

This is a child of immense value. A child created in God’s image, called for His purposes, the Creator’s handiwork.

This, this is a child that Jesus loves – and Christ died for, and who’s life we work to protect. Thanks for joining us.