I have important information to share with ministry partners in our community. It may be hard to hear, but please keep reading: Precious lives depend on it and you can make a difference.

As we all know, this past year ushered in terrible hardships for many in our community. Fear, financial insecurity, severe isolation and loneliness became all too common. And when those realities were accompanied by an unintended pregnancy, many women simply felt they had no choice but to consider an abortion.

In the past six months, we’ve received more calls than ever before from women whose only question is, “How soon can I get an abortion?”

In the middle of a crisis, especially the truly unprecedented crisis of an international pandemic, it’s not surprising abortion could seem like the only path for those who hadn’t intended to become pregnant. But we know, from years helping suffering women and men deal with the emotional and spiritual emptiness and regret of an abortion, that decisions made out of fear and anxiety seldom lead to peace.

And while it could be easy to assume only those who don’t know the Lord would choose to end the life of their preborn child, the truth is startlingly different: Research conducted by Care Net National showed that two out of five women attended church at least once in the month before their abortion.

You can help.

These frightened and uncertain women and men are sitting in your church. They are listening to your online sermons. They are part of your community. Please reach out to them and be a voice for life. You are already sharing the hope of the gospel. Please go further and remind those you teach, pastor or minister to that God has fearfully and wonderfully made each human being. That he called every human being from their mother’s womb for His purpose and plans.

The bible says, ‘my people perish for lack of knowledge.’ This is especially true when we talk about abortion. Women and men who seek abortions are just like you and me: afraid, isolated, overwhelmed and looking for an end to their pain. They need a message of love, forgiveness and hope.

You could save a life in just five minutes.

Will you commit to take just five minutes before your next sermon to share God’s view of life? Let your congregation know that every single life has incredible value and is loved by God. And remember: No message on abortion is complete without the truth of God’s forgiveness and love. Many in your church are suffering in silence with the regret of an abortion. Let them know there is love and help for them too.

Be a Voice for Life.

Help us spread this message of love and hope. We can’t do it without your help.