What Is Truth?

How do we sort through the lies? We’re busting through the myths and misinformation that slander our good name.

Is Care Net’s First Care Clinic a “real” medical clinic?  

Yes! Our First Care Clinic is accredited by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC) which means we have been shown to adhere to the highest standards for medical care. We operate under the direction of our medical director, Caitlin Regner, MD. All of our medical services are provided by licensed medical professionals. Our medical team includes nurse practitioners, nurses, and nurse sonographers. Our nursing staff has over 228 combined years of experience.  All care is directed and reviewed by licensed physicians who are board certified in their areas of specialty. We are also a member of the National Association of Free and Charitable Clinics.   

Do you mislead or withhold information from patients?  

No. We give only evidence-based medical information approved by our Medical Director. We share all options with our patients in a nonjudgmental way and do not try to talk them in or out of anything. We give them factual information that empowers them to make an informed decision.   

Do you violate HIPPA regulations? 

No. We provide confidential care and follow all Federal HIPPA regulations.  Our staff is trained annually on HIPPA protocols, and our policies are designed to protect patient privacy. 

Do you discriminate against, mistreat, or judge women who are considering or who’ve had abortions?  

No. Our goal is to provide compassionate care regardless of a woman’s experience with abortion. Even if a woman opts for an abortion after a First Care Clinic visit, she is unconditionally welcomed back. When requested, we can provide post-abortion support, but that is never a condition of receiving our services. Here’s what actual patients had to say about their visits:  

“I felt as though I could be honest without fear of judgment”

“I felt cared for and not judged”

“Everyone was very professional. All my questions, concerns were answered/addressed”

“The nurse was extremely kind and made me feel comfortable. She provided as much explanation as I wanted.”

“Staff is kind and doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable. Nurse was great!”

“I liked that the staff were very nonjudgmental.”

“I was really comfortable with who I talked to.”

“I appreciated the professionalism, politeness, and accuracy”

“Everyone is very professional and welcoming. I felt respected and well cared for.”

P.S. A new study just released confirms what we know is true “Pregnancy Centers offers better service than abortion facilities.” Read the whole story.