She Was Terrified to Tell Her Boyfriend.

The year was 2011. Natalia* was afraid she was pregnant. She wasn’t sure what to do. She didn’t want an abortion – but she also didn’t want to raise a child right now. It was overwhelming.

Natalia and Jeremy
You made it possible for Jeremy and Natalia to welcome their newborn son and be ready to care for their family.

Natalia was terrified to tell her boyfriend, Jeremy*. How would he react? Would he stay with her if she chose to carry her baby? Natalia shared her secret with Jeremy’s sister, who was also her best friend. Natalia found our clinic and came looking for help. Jeremy’s sister came along to support her.

Natalia’s pregnancy test confirmed what she already suspected. Her ultrasound revealed a beating heart and the tiny form of her growing child. Natalia talked with a nurse about her concerns, especially about telling Jeremy. When Natalia left that day, she left with a decision to carry her baby to term. And she was equipped to have the difficult conversation  with  her  Jeremy. “My time at First Care Clinic helped me gain the courage to tell him,” she recalled.

Much to her surprise, Jeremy was supportive of her and her decision.

Natalia came back for childbirth education and to learn about pregnancy, breastfeeding and newborn care. Months later, her daughter, Olivia*, was born. Natalia felt prepared and cared for through her experience at our clinic.

Fast forward six years. Natalia and Jeremy are still together. This past fall Natalia suspected she might be pregnant again. “Because of my earlier experience with First Care Clinic, I knew immediately this baby had a place in my life and I knew I wanted to come here to prepare.”

Natalia and baby Lucas
“Because of my earlier experience with First Care, I knew immediately this baby had a place in my life and I knew I wanted to come here to prepare.”

Natalia has been coming to First Care Clinic weekly for education about pregnancy and parenting—and she’s been bringing Olivia with her. “This has all been a good refresher for me and it’s helping Olivia understand what having a baby will mean.” Olivia especially loves to go to our boutique with her mom and help pick out things for her baby brother.

Jeremy has been able to join his family for about half of the sessions—brushing up on his new baby skills as well! He’s looking forward to being an engaged dad in the lives of both of his children.

Natalia's ADORABLE children
How do you spell A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E? The joy on Olivia’s face as she welcomes her baby brother, Lucas.

Natalia, Jeremy and Olivia welcomed baby Lucas* to their family this spring and could not be more overjoyed.

Natalia is thankful for the care and support she has received at our clinic this time and in 2011. “I don’t know what would have happened if I hadn’t come to First Care Clinic when I was pregnant with Olivia.” Thank you for giving Natalia the courage to talk to Jeremy – and for making a difference in four lives.

* Names changed to protect privacy.