“Do you offer parenting classes? I’ve called lots of places and no one will help me.”

Corey* was desperate. He had been separated from his four-year-old daughter, Leesa*, for too long. She was currently living in a foster home, estranged from her mom who was in a bad situation. He was trying to gain custody, but that wouldn’t be easy. The court had given him a long list of requirements. As he began to work through them, Corey encountered one barrier after another. As a veteran, Corey was used to being in high-pressure situations, but this was a different kind of fight. He was determined to find a solution; he would not give up on his daughter.

Corey reached Care Net after three rejections from other agencies.  Instead of the “No,” he’d heard elsewhere, this time Corey got a different response. “Absolutely,” we said.  “Let’s set up an appointment and see what we can do.”

The first time Corey visited Care Net, his face told a story of dwindling hope. We were able to provide parenting classes. But we didn’t stop there. We also connected him with other resources, made phone calls, put him in contact with other agencies, and prayed for him. As he worked to reunite with his daughter, we created a support network to help him.

Two months later, Corey walked into our clinic again, this time with daughter Leesa. The weight had been lifted from his shoulders. The sound of toys and laughter filled the room.

 He said, “We couldn’t have done this without Care Net.” The daily burden of being separated from Leesa and the stress of overcoming hurdles for custody had melted away. His hard work had paid off and now both he and his daughter smiled as he held her in his arms. She laughed as he lifted her over his head. As they walked out of the door, he turned to say, “Thank you for everything.”

Because you cared, a family overcame its past and a father was reunited with his daughter. To which we say to you, “Thank you for everything.”

*Names changed