It’s hard to plan in these uncertain times. What is safe, or even possible, seems to change from day to day. But even in our uncertainty, most of us have a roof over our heads, a warm bed, food in our refrigerator, and supportive family and friends. “Janae” had none of these.

She had been living with her boyfriend, the father of her young son, for a couple of years. When Janae became pregnant, her boyfriend demanded an abortion, but she refused. Their arguments escalated violently and she threatened to call the police. Janae was not on the lease, so the police could only allow her to pack a bag and escort her away.

Janae had neither family, close friends, nor anyone she knew well enough to ask for help. Through a Google search, she found Care Net and gave us a call. It is a brave act to tell your story to someone you’ve never seen! You hope you won’t be judged, even as you’re judging your own choices. You hope you’ll say the right things and be offered a place to stay.

Janae moved into The Elizabeth House just weeks ago. Already, her courage, perseverance, joyful spirit, and love for her children—both born and unborn—is evident and inspiring. She overflows with gratitude for a safe place to live, something most of us may take for granted.

The “problems” of my life are tiny compared to Janae’s: the mask that makes my glasses fog up, seemingly no end to spontaneous grocery store runs, or not being able to visit my mom and dad. I complain about these things, instead of remembering my home is safe, my bed is comfortable, and my fridge is full. My children and husband are well, my parents are coping with their isolation, and I have a network of friends who are helping one another through this uncertain time.

Lord, I give you praise and thanks for introducing me to Janae. Through her, you have shown me what true gratitude looks like. Help me to see and appreciate the many, many blessings in my life, and forgive my complaints about the things that aren’t even worth my notice. Please help me to live in gratitude for the abundance you have given to me. Please help me to hold loosely to the “stuff” and tightly to You. Amen.