Beautiful handmade baby items.As we begin the beautiful season of Advent, we have much for which we are thankful.

Virtually every day, at least one person walks through our doors bringing in beautiful handmade baby blankets, baby clothes, diapers or other baby items to provide tangible gifts for the moms, dads and babies we serve.

Many weeks, a church group hosts a baby shower for our moms or comes to serve by sorting baby bottles for our fundraiser, doing spring or fall cleaning, helping us decorate or wrap gifts for Christmas or hanging posters or door hangers sharing about our clinic in the community.

Day in and day out, people committed to being a part of saving and changing lives send in checks or donate online to make what we do possible.

Beyond all the ways people in this community make a difference to save and change lives, are all the ways God moves to change hearts and minds. God moves – and young women who felt overwhelmed with a pregnancy decision find hope, help and support to move ahead with their babies.  God moves – and young men who felt they had no part in the decision are equipped to step up and step out into supportive fatherhood. God moves – and mothers who have never before had someone who was there for them before find a God who will never leave or forsake them.

We feel very blessed.

This Advent may you know the God who will never leave or forsake you. May you know His peace and joy in your life. May you have a heart of gratitude to the God who has given everything for us.